PM Galaxy® Board Game

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The BoardBoard designed as a project life cycle
Project Cards (project description and requirements)
Action Cards (Quiz & Challenges)
Pawns (associated to Projects Cards)
Resource CardsExpert Cards
Time/Budget Cards
Sponsor's Support Cards
Stakeholder's Support Cards
Lessons Learned Card
Exceptional Resources
Project DocumentsProject Charter Cards
Project Management Plan Cards
Certificate of Acceptance Cards
Final Report Cards


You set up the game and pick a project card
Your objectives (and constraints) are detailed on the back of the card.

You have the right to decide if you advance one
or two positions on the board.




Landing on a Quiz symbol allows you to draw a
Quiz card. Correct answer is rewarded with resources.

Quizzes are true or false type or questions with three possible answers (only one correct).


The Resources earned through correctly answering to quizzes are:

You can trade resources, you can use them to help the projects in need, you can exchange them (based on the Conversion Table available on the back of the Resource Cards).


When you reach a gate, you receive the specific project documents. (but only if you have enough resources).


Landing on a Challenge symbol allows you to draw a Challenge card. These add the "salt & pepper" to the learning experience.

Some of the challenges can be overcome with Resorces or with the support of other projects.


The first player who obtains the sponsor's acceptance (Final Project Report), respecting the interdependencies between the projects, wins the game.

Project interdependencies are described on the back of the project cards.